UK’s ‘most expensive beach hut’ can sleep six and could be yours for £350,000

The wooden beach shack is on Mudeford Spit at Hengistbury Head, Dorset, and has accommodation for six people. All for the price of a 4-bed house in Yorkshire

It’s the UK’s most expensive beach hut and it could be yours if your budget will stretch to £350,000.

The wooden shed has surprised property buyers who can easily pick up a decent-sized stone-built house for the same price.

If the property reaches its target price, property experts say it could be the most expensive beach hut in the UK.

The wooden shack is on Mudeford Spit at Hengistbury Head, Dorset, and is the beach side of a run of properties which have become hugely popular among holiday home buyers.

It is fitted out to a high specification and able to sleep six people – with four mattresses on the mezzanine level and a further two spaces to sleep on the ground floor, Dorset Live reports.

A new hut, built in April 2021, it comes with solar panels, electricity, a kitchenette, under-hut storage and living area.

Its ‘beachside location’ is undeniable and it has has direct access to the sea and harbour, and is a short walk from the nearby popular Beach House cafe.

Beach hut prices are thought to be soaring because of the increased demand for UK holidays.

Huts at Mudeford Spit, Bournemouth have always been notably expensive, with the previous highest recorded sale price at £330,000.

With government data from 2021 setting the average house price in the UK at £256,405, the hut is priced at more than £100,000 above this level.

Agents Denisons has shared pictures of inside the hut which show the interior tastefully decorated in cream and natural wood stain.

The kitchen is powered by bottled gas and includes an electric fridge.

The property’s lounge and dining area is to the front of the property, where occupants will benefit from views out to the Isle of Wight and the Needles.

There are no bathrooms in the huts – the nearest toilet are the public WCs. The private hut owners have access to shared shower facilities.

DorsetLive says it is listed without dimensions, however similar properties in the area have measured around 12ft square.

Pushing the benefits of it’s ‘new-build’ status, the agents highlight how the unit benefits from quality insulation, is built using fully fire clad boarding and the plasterboard is fire retardant.

But buyers would be advised to check out what else they can pick up for a similar price.

In Yorkshire & Humber, £300,000 could get you a four-bedroom house in Snaith.

In the South West, a two bedroom apartment was also on sale in Taunton for £300,000.

And in the North West for the same price could allow a buyer to pick up a stone-built cottage in Bolton.

Even in London, where prices are notoriously expensive could see a buyer pick up a two-bedroom maisionette in Sutton.

Aside from the hefty price tag of the beach hut, which is listed on there are other rules that potential owners should be aware of.

Huts on the front can only be slept in between 1st March and 31st October inclusive. Plus, as the huts are all privately-owned, they are subject to residents’ fees which an be thousands of ponds a year.

Aside from car passes which can be applied for to the council under special circumstances, the huts are only accessible by foot, land train or water.

With the huts widely recognised as fetching more than £1,000 in high season as a rental, the freehold of the property would give the new owners a chance to recoup some of the cost, though.